VR style dream

Date: 2/12/2017

By astralArbitrary

This was really long and in parts. I have dreams like this all the time, by the way. It's like a game you'd play with VR. The furthest back I can remember is beginning in a really ornate, completely stone castle setting with long, long hallways and especially stone carvings in the wall. Normally there were supposed to be people in there (it was the start of the the game I believe) but there were none. Like literally no people. It was unnerving. I walked around for a while in an apparent direction with a destination in mind even though I knew nothing of where I was going. I finally reach the area I think I was looking, which I think was a really big room with a few people in it and stone stairs as well as an entrance. The outside was just really flat grass with no features whatsoever that went on into infinity, by the way. Apparently I think I was a fugitive, or some sort of aberration, because I was at that area in an abnormal time, perhaps returning to it for business rather than being a new player. The people there consisted of the king(?) and maybe some other important people, whoever they were they weren't important enough to remember. The conversation consisted of me being a fugitive, you're gonna be arrested, gross asshole king banter, etc. and then they started chasing me out the door. I escape the best this first time, and begin flying. I can fly in this dream by the way, with fairy wings. I'm pretty sure everyone is a fairy that can fly. I don't think I get that far off the ground though, but this part of the dream ends before it affects me. The next part I'm not sure if this was right after the last part or somewhere in between the others but it happened. This time I'm running through the castle, this time a lot more frantic. Only the king is chasing me this time, and we're running really fast and urgent. We go through mostly really long hallways and up some stairs. This goes on for a really long time, until the end where we burst into a grand stair room with gold plated stairways onto one of the floors in the middle (the room goes down and up multiple floors) and I make a desperate leap off the balcony (no stairs were attached) into the mess of stairs in the room and I actually do fly horizontally for a moment, but it doesn't work. The dream ends here so I suppose I didn't get away. The next part of this dream I'm also not sure if this comes in at this point. This time the setting is drastically different. I'm in a enormous black room with hundreds of people. This is weird, but I'll go on. Apparently there were four groups representing the elements, but I only remember two- fire and air, of which I was a part of. My group, air, was really weird- everything about them was gold- hair, skin, and clothes, and it looked like it was just thinly played in gold leaf that wasn't as saturated, a little more gray. They wore really old fashioned dresses made with layers of piled lace and other stuff that for some reason looked dusty if that's possible. Their hair was done up on top of their heads so it was just kind of wrapped in a nice pattern like a braid but not really. It didn't stick up a lot. The fire people were different and I saw them in two different ways. They in the beginning had black skin like coal and little glowing red spots on their body like cuts. There were only boys in this appearance. Their hair was also a little red and they wore red shorts and no shoes. They were intimidating and the cool group. The next stage was odd. There was a table of people I remember nothing about, and my group was in line for it. I was last. Each member went up the line in front of the table (there were only 3-4 girls in the air group besides me), faced them, and patted their faces softly three times, and left. I guess this was a sort of greeting or introduction specific to my race. When I went up I tried to replicate it but I guess I fucked up because everyone went quiet and stared at me when I went to go back in line, so with a sigh and tried again and it worked I think. I also didn't look like the air race by the way, just like a normal person. Speaking of normal people, after this the fire people went up to display a talent or something similar to that on the stage, and this time there were both girls and boys and they looked pretty normal, like me. They looked like they were just practicing though, and they did gymnastics and other cool stuff like that. Every other race was kinda just chilling watching them in their own areas, and my group had a sort of Victorian seating area for each person, which was plated in the same gold way and had a chair, some bright lamps, and a bureau among other out of place things that had a mirror attached like the one I have in my room currently. Anyway fire finishes up and everyone is going to leave, talking amongst themselves when I spot my cat sleeping on the ground. To wake him up I prod him with my foot and everyone gets quiet again before my group freaks out and says "how dare you treat a beloved pet that way" and lectures me on it. This is where this part of the dream ends. What I can remember next is a new chase sequence with the king. We're in some kind of jewelry or accessory shop and we're ducking around displays and stuff when I break away for a moment and tear off to open the window for an escape, but fail to realize a screen is there before he gets too close and I have to run again from the window. I'm hiding for a moment when I spy a jewelry stand attendant showing a customer a necklace, and I see a necklace with a sharp hooked clutch on the stand. I rush over and ask to see it. Since this universe seems to obey video game logic I'm officially safe for a moment while I examine it . I take this safe moment to breathe and rest up because I was getting really exhausted at this point and pretend to examine the necklace, hoping the lady doesn't ask to put it on me because then I couldn't use the sharp clasp. I apparently buy it and I say "thank you for your service, have a nice dAY" and bolt straight to the window at that word. I slash open a hole in the screen with the hook and throw myself through the window, finally free. I glide for a moment but actually plummet towards the ground now. In all of these dreams, I never actually fly successfully, somehow I always just end up on the group unable to really get up in the air for more than a moment. When I hit the group I curse myself for failure and try to unsuccessfully get back in the air with two hops as the king closes in. This is where this part ends. There are more short chase sequences like this but I can't remember any other real details of them to demand a full description, but from what I can recall all of them still feature the same feeling or terror during the chase, the same terrified relief at the prospect of escape, and the feeling of dread when I fail. Also, a few more feature opening windows. This was one of the last dreams. Here I'm sat at a table with about 10 people. I'm a little disoriented at first and I don't know who they are. The setting, strangely, is my school's cafeteria and we're sat at the table I usually sit at. The kid across from me seems like a leader of sorts. Apparently, this is still a video game, and combat is done in groups, harnessing energy through eye color (yep, what the fuck). The kid across from me has one rainbow eye on his right eye and one teal one in his left. I have the same. He sorts people around and we think we have it when I remember that my rainbow eye is on the same side as his and that will disrupt the energetic flow or something, so I suggest we stand next to each other, tapping my teal eye. He says that's a good idea but I don't move. All of a sudden it's different, and I'm greeted with a sequence of someone taking a ds cartridge out of the system, putting it back in, and making a new character for the game. I'm pretty sure we're in this game, at least for this part of the dream. There were the unique party of 8, which I was in. There were already 3 characters that seem to have even victims of this, two Warriors (named the same) and a Nurse. Whoever was in control of the game makes another Nurse. Suddenly I'm back and there's a new nurse sitting at the table. I make a remark about this and the cheated characters are a little irritated at it. Now the boy across from me seems to be switching eye colors around on himself, apparently since you can within groups or something. He gets two teal eyes, two rainbow eyes, and two red ones which I burst out laughing at because, for some odd reason, I think it looks like he has two pieces of pepperoni on his face. This is the part where I wake up, unfortunately. I actually realize I wake up by what seems like blinking, and I see the dream, blink, and see my bedcovers. Fucking surreal. That's the end.