Snuggle Bug

Date: 1/24/2017

By rubywalser

So my dream was really weird so i was driving to this party with my friend anna and we were chasing Beau and Isaac on the highway and then we lost them but kept on going straight and then I parked under this bridge and there was a bunch of wallets with cash in them hahah so i took all the money. Then we turened around because we found out Neals house was in the total opposite direction. Then i guess i we ended up in the house which I think was mine and i saw this weird fluff ball creature that looked like my old stuffed animal that my brother got me from the fair a long time ago and it had a keychain thing attached to it. Anyways I spent the whole dream looking for it and trying to catch it and near the end of the dream i finally caught it and then I woke up.