game & restaurant

Date: 9/28/2019

By personguy

i was sort of in and also physically a part of this show thing that kinda looked like avatar the last airbender, but it still was a little different. one guy had the power of invisibility, but because of personal issues, he had one of those character growth episodes. the main character had cancelling powers but i remembered in my dream that his powers were also weird and fluid. we were all in some sort of tournament and we had to build some technology. our technology was a smartwatch that could play some sort of game. then, there were other teams. the other teams made a smartwatch that had a speaker attached, but it had to be bluetooth connected so ours was clearly superior. also that other team overflowed my sink. then, my team took me to michigan for some dinner. we went to a thai place and apparently it was really good from the reviews. when i went there i ordered a curry and it literally arrived 3 seconds after i ordered. the price was also pretty inexpensive because the dollar had a different value in california versus michigan.