Volunteer Work and Visiting Haunted Bars

Date: 8/26/2017

By QuietQueen

My friend Dylan is serving plates of food to a bunch of people at a public event at some kind of park. After attending several weeks in a row, I decide to roll up my sleeves and volunteer to help along side him. Well, I go into these make shift bathrooms to wash my hands, preparing to touch food. But when I get out of the bathroom, everyone is gone. I'm confused. My shoe is untied so I decide to squat down and tie it. From the corner of my eye I see Dylan approaching. We hug, and he informs me that the event is over. At this point I keep repeating "I can't believe everyone's gone!" Like a broken record. Dylan says, "wanna hang out? We can go to my house to grab some water and stuff. I can take you home after." I agree. But we don't end up going to his house. He instead drives up to this bar/arcade from the 50's, and it too is completely empty. But not locked.. We walk in and there is a big obnoxious road sign that lights up in the corner, and a stage that looks like an old game show stage with a mic stand. Dylan then asks "should we call up some people and host a party here?" To which I respond with "I think we could actually get arrested for that." He nods and switches on a karaoke machine and starts horsing around with the mic. I then realize I am not prepared to sing a song. Panicked, I go into the bathroom and warm up a tad. Suddenly i notice that my vocal range is a lot more wide and I'm blowing myself away with the notes I'm able to hit. Mariah (my sister) walks in and she too is mind blown. "Yes! Sing that one!" She says to me. I walk out with Mariah and am shocked to see that everyone is there. Friends, and family, and Ally (friend) is rapping to something for everyone. Suddenly I no longer wish to be around people. I feel sick and want to go home. I go to where Dylan is sitting and ask him to take me home. "Come in, kid loosen up!" He insists. Suddenly everyone is gone again except for us two. I don't know if they vanished or walked out, but we don't acknowledge it. But then the entire bar becomes gross feeling. Like there is some sort of dark presence with us. And stuff starts to move in its own to which we just run out of there. Dylan takes me home and tells me that he'll see me next week at the park.