crazy boat camping

Date: 7/14/2017

By JayP

our immediate and some extended family like Hiren mamas family have gone out camping somewhere very watery on Vancouver Island. there's an big old lake thing with an island in the middle. we're all sitting around simultaneously on a barge but also in the water but also on couches in a living room. somebody wanted naan so I get in a little kayak boat thing with a flag and make my way to the nearest McDonald's. I also at one point wanted to get away from the family and explore the island in the middle of the lake, and have some private time in nature. I was simultaneously running through others campsites but also swimming and boating. I get to the McDonald's the guys at the till are Chris Beaton and Evan Helmes, and the manager is Kelly Tindall. I just used some naan I had and heated it up using the popcorn warmer that was off to the side for the public as a grill. Kelly said I couldn't do that anymore since I don't work with them. he had to kick me out. on my way out I passed this directional post and on the post there was a calendar on it with the image of a really smoking hot chick with a phenomenal body. I seemed to know who it was. the atmosphere around this area and the campsite was like Westwood Lake and Horne Lake around sunset, with water and those tall dry grasses and all. I return to the campsite with. it enough naan for everyone. in one part everyone had their own little boat that they had to customize to make sure that everyone knew who they were from afar and I got into an argument with Hirsh because he refused to put his name on his flag. he had an iPod with a corny mandala wallpaper and a shitton of apps. in another part, I was on a speedboat ferry type thing outside with a large family that was either my family and a black family or something like that. I got into a weird argument with a black guy who looked a lot like George. everyone hot frustrated and I made everyone work together to make the food that everyone just wanted. it's very windy outside on that boat. then I woke up.