Recurring Sleep Paralysis

Date: 2/20/2017

By seascarlet

I live in this big mostly empty house and stay in it alone most nights currently. I bought it recently and it's 45 yrs old so it makes a lot of old house noises at night that I'm still getting used to. Unfortunately when I let myself get too freaked out it makes me have really creepy sleep paralysis. So far during these episodes I've imagined people trying to break in, weird lights in my room, a huge leafy vine of some sort stretched across my ceiling, but the one that keeps happening is footsteps that walk up the hall to my bedroom door and then stop. Very not cool, and this time it was something dragging up to my door. Needless to say I'm wide awake now. If it ever happens when I'm awake I'm getting a guard dog, I don't care if I'm allergic.