The Dragon

Date: 7/12/2017

By ThePolarDreamer

I'm at the Alaska state fair with my brother, and my mom. My mom is working at the Ruben Haus and has left us with 4 tickets. The fair seems more rundown land-wise, and certain walls for attractions are just white tarps, but the attractions themselves are in good repair, the weather seemed to be what I recall as the usual, cloudy. Me and my brother are sitting in front of some kind of attraction with white tarps, the name of the attraction eludes me. I sit there, debating broadcasting via my Snapchat story that I'm bored at the fair, and any friends there would be welcome, though I do not as I think it will sound snobbish. So I sit there, bored, until my brother speaks up, "Why don't we go to the Ruben Haus, we can get food, and Mom will be happy to see us." I take a look at my phone's clock, which I am sure read 11:15, and decide that it's too early to eat lunch. We end up heading that direction anyway, but all of a sudden end up at this boring-looking game... and my mom is there... somehow. The name of the game was some kinda pun, relating to knights and Dragons. The object of the game is to break into the castle, steal a ring, do something with some sort of target, and get the ring in a circle, and escape without the knights catching you. We put on these things on the bottom of our feet, they're green and seem to be a cartoon depiction of a dragon's feet, and enter the game, without paying tickets, mind you. We head up this black ramp, in a hallway of the same color, and I promptly slip due to lack of traction from the flat wooden dragon feet. We enter this room with a landing-like area in front of us, bordered with short, cobble walls on the sides. My mom and brother enter the landing, and I walk over, but notice a room a short drop from the walkway, and lower myself down. I am in a room that several hallways lead into, it has beige carpet and cobble walls. I notice a circular patch in the carpet, at that time my brother found the ring, and my mom the target, which was some sort of humanoid statue, set on a chair. My brother tosses me the ring, having obviously debated arguing about it, and I set it in the circle. At that moment I have a view of outside a window, where knights are coming through the castle's gate on horseback (I don't think we're in the state fair anymore), but the dream hasn't changed, we're still at the fair. We debate going back the way we came, which apparently lead through the walls and out by the gate, but then I wake up.