Unconscious monster, Slowly rising water

Date: 8/8/2017

By TheNagual

I was out in the sandy desert of Egypt. There was a very large brownish structure made of clay where several people and I gathered. Most of the people I did not know, a few of us were getting ready to go out to swim class. The inside was hollow, dark, and empty. There was a rumor of a monster that crept these parts, I then conjured a memory of the monster. I saw it through the halls, a black ghostly mass that could grab things. We leave the temple, the dream zooms out looking towards the temple and I see the monster move quickly through the entrance from a distance. This was extremely eerie to see. In swim class now, the mood had changed and I feel good. There are several pretty girls who know me by chance. One of them needed help tightening her googles, I gladly helped her. I remember seeing John in the pool, but he was white now. Also, Jake, but he was even smaller with an extra small face. Something happens on the patio, people gather around. I can't remember what happened, something was threatening to explode. The black mass monster had returned as well. It communicated to a cockroach and possessed it. I yell at the people to kill it before the cockroach gets away. Surely, it would have destroyed the world. Jared sprayed the hell out of it with bug spray, which got into my lungs and eyes. Then I see my vaporizer pen on the ground and it is dissembled and about to catch fire. I try to put it back together. Suddenly the vape pen is a giant rocket ship and I climb inside to fix it. I repaired its engine and legs? Then, the vape pen/rocket, which has a mind of its own now, decided to test its rockets. The rockets exploded inside it and a giant fire stared inside right next to the fire extinguisher. Luckily, josh brings a fire extinguisher and I finally put it out, but it's practically ruined. Then, Jane comes to check on what happened. We walk through a large dark mansion and then suddenly began making out which felt as though we had been waiting forever and waiting for the fire to be put out? Sometime after Jane, I was a Rice Krispie treat and was smashed by a robot fat man type being. We were inside a long, dark, metal tube. The fat man still sat on me and I could see below that water was slowly rising. Eventually, it covered over me, however, I do not remember drowning or being frightened.