Adventures with Gonzo Black

Date: 2/7/2019

By FrankRuden

Gonzo and I are having fun. I think we are in college. We are riding the elevators in one of the student living places, where some people are wearing Army suits. At this point, as the elevator stops on the sixth floor of six floors, Gonzo and I get off and I joke that I’m heading to the eighth floor, which doesn’t exist. This confuses Gonzo, who thinks it’s time for us to go our separate ways for the day because I said that. I tell him I’m joking, though. One time, Gonzo cuts a businesswoman’s phone chord. When she finds out, I take half the blame and say, “we both did it”, because I don’t want Gonzo to get into full trouble. The businesswoman is disappointed in us and I am afraid she’ll punish us. I tell her that we’re sorry. At this point I am feeling guilty and am worrying that she’ll separate us. However, she manages to fix the broken chord and lets us off the hook. Afterward, Gonzo and I are wandering around and climbing billboards in the middle of the night and going down the stairs inside a giant, extravagant, mall-like building.