Jerk of a spider

Date: 7/20/2017

By MsBananaNanner

A friend of mine has died recently, I don't know who, but they've willed me their pets. I agree and head over to pick them up. When I get there though I realize that one is a giant tarantula sized spider, except it's tan with spots. I loathe spiders but I'm determined to give my friends pet a good home. Back at my house I put it in an empty fish tank with sticks and whatnot. I have dozens of other fish tanks in my room so I use them to house the other pets. One is a frog, which I rather like. I don't know how to care for it though, so I shine a desk lamp on its tank, hoping it will keep it warm enough. I also have a tiny manatee, that is about the size of my forearm. It was super adorable and would splosh around in his tank. I start to realize that I have no idea how to care for these animals. I'm paranoid that my manatee is going to freeze, and afraid that the lamp is going to burn my frog up, meanwhile the stupid spider won't eat anything. After many days of the spider not eating, I resort to googling what that species eats. The results say that they only eat cyanide capsules. Naturally, I pop over to the store and pick up a bottle. I toss one of the capsules in, and this spider I kid you not is just glaring at me. It moves towards the capsule--more than it's done the whole time I've had it--sniffs it as if it's going to eat it, then turns away and returns to its corner. Like a snooty cat. I try to get my parents to help but they don't want to be near the spider either. I resort to reaching in the tank, to coax him out. The thing frickin lunges at me, bites my hand, then skitters up my arm and out into the room. My mom keeps telling me to get rid of it but I say that I can't, I have to take care of it, for my deceased friend. I chase this spider around forever, getting it in a few times, but it always escapes again. I remember it biting me repeatedly and I was terrified it was going to be poisonous. I eventually concluded that yes, I needed to get rid of this spider. Then I woke up.