Infinity stones?

Date: 3/30/2019

By Djpawn3

So the dream starts and I am in school walking to my ss classroom because someone told me to meet them there. I walk in and some of the desks are arranged in a semi circle in the front of the room with the rest of them in rows. On 6 of the desks are plastic buckets. In front of the room is my mom (but not my actual mom just some woman who was my mom in the dream). Five other people walk into the room so there are six of us and my mom/person. 1- tall woman 2- looks like 5 from the umbrella academy 3- me 4- another tall woman wearing a floor length dress 5- my friend irl 6- really big muscular guy. Mom tells us that we were all told to bring the stones that were were told to protect (we each have one super powerful stone that we were sworn to protect). We are told to take out our stones and put one in each plastic bucket on the desks which we do. Then we are told that in about 30 minutes we will be attacked by evil creatures who want the stones each person has to protect there stone. If a creature touches a stone it will be able to use its power and become super powerful. We have 30 minutes to protect the stones in anyway possible before the creatures come. One wrapped her stone in a tissue, two filled his bucket with some poisonous bleach or something and covered he top so no one could touch it. I forgot what I did four put spelled around hers so no one could get near it. Five surrounded hers with poisonous snakes and six just left his the way it was saying something about himself being the best protection there was. We then hid under the desks until the creatures come. After a while waiting we got bored and started talking about how powerful the stones are and how they could make someone almost invincible. Two jumped up from beneath his desk and ran to the stones to steal them. We all ran after him either to protect our stone or to steal someone else’s. Two grabbed one and I punched him in the face making the stone fall out of his hand. Five tried to take fours stone but wasn’t able to. Six took fives and his own and one picked twos up off the floor. We all realized at the same time that the stones weren’t really doing anything. Mom came back and told us that they were all fakes and were absolutely powerless. I unwrapped ones to make sure she was telling the truth. She explained that this whole thing was a test and that we learned a valuable lesson from it. We all calmed down and hung out for the rest of the day. He end