Christmas but in July

Date: 7/10/2017

By IdeasEmi

So I was apparently a Walmart employee and I had other two partners one was a person from school and the other was a girl that I had never seen. Our chore was making a Christmas tree but with our own stuff which was strange because the entire shop had Christmas supplies. I brought some lights, my partner the leaves stuff and the girl brought the base. It wasn't a Christmas tree base but a Halloween spider for decoration. We didn't minded about that and we placed our stuff. As soon as we finished we stared at it and then destroyed it. The partner from school went home and I was left with the girl. She said that she didn't had a car and asked me if I could carry her home. I nodded and we went into my car, I asked her where she lives and she said "very far away, it would be better if we stayed at a hotel and continue tomorrow" I accepted besides it meant that if we continued tomorrow we couldn't get to job again or how did she came work everyday if she lived so far, but it wasn't a lucid dream so I didn't asked for any logic. We drove for a while and later we reached the hotel zone and I noticed that everyone was looking at us very weird so I looked at her and she didn't had a bra on. I tried to not look at her until she putted her pijama on. I thought that it wasn't a big deal, she was just preparing for sleeping. We stopped at the hotel and she made the check in. We walked into a elevator which moved left and right instead of up and down. At our room there were two geese made out of towels with their peaks making a heart, I knew where she was going. As she made the check in she asked for this. Maybe the pijama wasn't on purpose but she lied about where she lived. I wasn't angry but nervous, I knew what came next. I covered up and looked at the wall trying to be the less provocative as possible but she went into the bed, hugged me and moved one of her legs between mines she slowly grabbed my pants and took them off, I was very nervous but then my sister woke me up.