Idk how to title this

Date: 6/7/2019

By mads_dreams

Well idrek where my dream started but I think it started in this weird house where the basement wasn’t downstairs is was one of the rooms in the house but it was creepy because there weren’t any lights and the people who were with me in the house said it was haunted and weird things that lived in there. It’s because I opened the door to see and they said not to go in there. So then their whole house starts filling up with spooky stuff but it’s funny because it’s just people dressed up in costumes. So then I show up at grandma n grandpa’s house but they have an extra shed that has 2 rooms under ground. Apparently something was chasing me that I didn’t wanna talk to so I went in the rooms and it was weird because the door was like half underground. I go into the second one, and see that there’s a toilet and a changing station for babies for some reason. There’s also a low window like the one in my room. On the changing table there’s an iPhone and it starts ringing and it’s a FaceTime call. I decided to answer it and it was that boy that made that really cringe worthy tik tok I have in my camera roll. He said something but I don’t remember. I think he came out of the phone too idek but I was like wtf? Then I was still running from whatever I was running from and discovered it was the police. Like damn what was I doing?! OMG THEN I REMEMBER I was back in the same underground room at my grandparents and I was on the mattress of the baby changing station literally getting down and dirty with someone but I can’t remember!!! I swore it was T but it coulda been someone else but omggg!!! Then I woke up at like 4:30 and fell back asleep and started lucid dreaming and I was talking to aaron w for some reason and we appeared at homecoming and I was in my dress and I had straight hair, and we were both taking about our love lives for some reason don’t ask me. But then I told him how the other day I had another lucid dream which was true because I did, and I also told him how I have a crush on T and how I tried to find him in my dream yesterday but he didn’t show. He then says “you’re living the single life but I got a girl” which in rl currently he doesn’t have a girl so I was kinda shook. She then appears out of the crowd and I was like um oh ok then. Suddenly Dylan and raegan came out of the crowd of people dancing and they’re both wearing dresses and I just looked at them and walked away because I was like ok that’s enough dreaming for me tonight...