The camp

Date: 4/8/2017

By Alechku

I was with my partner and we went by a bus to a camping site at the mountains. When we got there we understood that there was a big camp controlling everything, supplies, beds and schedule and basically everything you want to do you need to check with the supervisor, so after one night my partner decided to try and get out by sneaking outside of quarantine and hide supplies that won in a competition my job was to make sure nobody understands that she's missing, so I'm lying awake and all of a sudden one girl comes to my bed and grabs my dick, I pushed her away in the most sincere way that I could. My partner gets back and we discuss the plan and apparently the reason for the curfew is because at night there's a giant bear walking in the woods surrounding the area and so the plan was to lead the supervisor to the woods grab the supplies and go, afternoon we executed the plan and we fought the bear and hide, but we needed to change the supervisor so my partner called a friend to send his friend to substitute the supervisor and when he came he was as restrictive as the predecessor so at night my partner went again to hide some supplies and then surely enough another girl came and whipped my dick out and started sucking it in a BJJ hold, and again I explained that it's inappropriate. Morning we are to execute the plan and we lead the supervisor out with some people from the camp but he understood that we are trying to fool him, so we sit down under a bush and we discuss the terms of our surrender, all of a sudden my partner starts talking about mutual friends and apparently we all know someone in common and we start to joke about it and sing together and so the supervisor lets us go and I try to leave him my card to keep in touch but it was wrong and I couldn't read it he reassured me that everything's okay and we got on the bus and all went away.