The girl in my dreams that I met in real life.

Date: 3/10/2019

By Cloud757

I entered my school and walked down my school hallway, as I always did. When I entered my school a girl with short kinda ish and slightly blond hair ran past me, I couldn’t get a hint of her face. I was curious who she is and why she ran, but I still went to the stairs to go to my classroom. My life went it’s normal way and the dream ended. As I open my eyes in my dark room, late at night I was still curious, but I didn’t really thought about it. As I fell asleep again, I realized I’m at the same place where my dream started a few minutes ago. I thought something is wrong I was sure that I was dreaming I definitely were lucid dreaming at that point but instead of flying or doing some other shit, I wondered why I’m at the exact same spot and my little curiosity about the girl leaded me to my school entrance. I opened the door and the dream progressed the same way. As the girl runs past me I thought to myself this time I have to follow her I have to know who she is how she looks like I have to know it. There must be something about this girl. So I decided to run after her, she kinda noticed and ran away from me. It was hard following her through the crowd, there were many obstacles blocking my way. She walked into a room where she finally got to an dead end. I looked at her back and put my hand on her shoulder, I told her to turn around. She refused and said ,,you don’t wanna see me”. I told her again to turn around but this time I was also thinking in my head ,,you have to turn around now” so she turned around as I forced her through my mind. She looked at me, I will never forget those deep green eyes looking into my heart into my soul into my f**king everything, it felt so weird. I woke up. After a few weeks we got a few new students at our school and as you might have guessed between those students was a girl with slightly blond hair and green f**king eyes. I confessed and „ran“after her. We both loved each other. But so many obstacles made it impossible for us to continue.