Nightmare Family

Date: 2/14/2017

By seascarlet

In real life I'm a therapist / case manager for kids and I do a lot of visits in homes and the community. I've been in stressful situations, but nothing anywhere near like this dream. I dreamt I was assigned to this family wayyy out in some holler where people acted differently in general. I'd worked with them years before and they'd been bad, but had gotten much worse. The dad looked like Rick from The Walking Dead, and his family looked raggety enough to be in the show. He and his wife had 10 kids, and they expected me to work with all of them. I tried explaining that I normally only work with one at a time, but then remembered that last time I was asked to work with all of them in some capacity. At some point the smallest girl threw up in a trash can, and her mom said she'd had the girl drink "a little bleach" to kill germs because the family's food was going bad, and the bleach always made her throw up. The little girl then started padding the bottom of the trash can with garbage because it was also her bed and she had to sleep in it later. As we walked down a hallway in their apartment building, we passed their grandparents who had their front door open. The grandparents waved and then started having sex against the wall right in front of the kids. We went outside and so far I was too scared to say anything. One of the boys pointed at a mound and said he'd killed his girlfriend and buried her there. I wasn't sure if he was serious. Then one of the boys got mad at another and suddenly everyone had pulled knives on each other. When I tried to leave or intervene or something, the knives turned on me. I managed to slowly talk my way out, but then couldn't find the company bike I'd rode in on. There were bikes everywhere and I was afraid if I took the wrong one they'd stop me and kill me. As I was looking I realized I would definitely have to report them to DCS, but really didn't want to because DCS has a bad habit of cluing people in on who called, and I didn't want to get murdered.