☁️Library Doors

Date: 2/28/2017

By jessicap1234

I really don't remember a lot of this dream, all I know is that it is in the library. We were in the library, (zm, sl, other intermediates) and I remember seeing this big scary dog, but he also looked like my german shepherd. I went to play fight with him cuz that's what I do with my dogs, and clearly he wasn't taking it well. He started acting up and scratching and biting me with his teeth. I quickly left (obviously) and the next series of events I have trouble remembering but I do remember me and S.L. were there and she (being as bossy as she is) blocks the door from the grade 6's and younger. I decide to help too and it's pretty fun until a bunch of little kids break in and ruin the fun. (if there even was any) I rate this dream a🤔 (If you don't know what this means check my other post)