Date: 1/28/2017

By jconlon18

I went to work for a moes that was in a theme park and we had to do a dance on a grassy hill before we got the job. first we had to walk forward and then to the side and then we went to the other side and we had to switch lines. at one point, my friend (Fallon) came in and she apparently already worked there and she said, "Ew Julia?" and I just poked my head out and she goes, "oh hey" then when the boss lady asked who needed to pay her I raised my hand and not knowing that Fallon already worked there, I said that Fallon needed to pay. the boss gave me a nasty look and said "She already paid, you're wrong" and she said that twice. so then I broke down and started talking to this one redhead guy and I started breaking down crying and I was going to go back and shut the boss up, but if I did they said that she would disown me so I didn't.