In a Game

Date: 1/30/2019

By Colter

I remember it being completely dark out in the dream, so we were forced to use flash lights. But as I was dreaming it did a map intro exactly like one you would see on call of duty, and when I “spawned” in, I had no idea what was going on, I was with like two other people and we were walking around in this swamp area and I remember seeing my teammate get eaten by this monster that had tentacles coming out of its face and it had like a slimy baby face with pitch black eyes, and my third teammate says “keep moving forward” and for some reason my body tells me “okay” and so we keep moving on this side of a mountain that doesn’t touch the water but is really close and of course my dumbass slips into the water and I remember feeling the thing on my back but only getting a glimpse of it’s pink skin, because of how dark it was, but my teammate shot at it and it let me go, and all of a sudden I was in a field of tall grass (Still dark) looking over a city that we had to go to. There were gun shots and explosions, and when I finally entered down the alley way I could see people shooting at me, and I aim down my scope repeatedly like I was trying to aim at everyone, but I luckily don’t get shot, and as I get closer to the end of this dirt road in the middle of the city, less and less gunfire came about, and I finally make it to the end on top of a little hill and I was standing in what seemed like and enormous bedroom and I remember turning on my flash light and pointing it at a light, and it seemed like a fucking flash bang went off and everything went white and I actually felt horrible, and after a while it wore off and I tried it again (I guess i thought it would turn on the light) and this time I closed my eyes, but I kept missing and finally I hit it, and I kept aiming at it until I heard what sounded like a fuse explode, and when I looked a little light was on and in the corner of this room was this fat ass lady I mean huge she said nothing to me but I crawled on her face to reach the light and I unscrewed it and I stuck my hand in it and pulled out a slip of paper unrolled it(still on the fat lady’s face) and then I jumped off her and woke up.