Hotel of dreams

Date: 3/8/2019

By Roebellex

I was in a hotel with my father, his friends and my friends. My father was taking pictures of the hotel room for a web page. Me and my friends were standing at the door watching him, when we heard a bang from the kitchen. We all hurried over to the sound, when my dad stopped and started stroking along the wall, as if he were following something inside it. He then stopped and we all saw a symbol underneath his hand. It read 'X over zy = no x'. It was black so I presumed it was written in blood. My dad's friends proclaimed that his wife wrote this symbol on the wall before she killed herself... we all asked him where she died, so he took us to the river outside the hotel. He also said that when they found the body, two slits across her mouth had been cut to make a wide grinning face. My dad then rushed to a yellow lambo and his friends left. I turned around to see my friends with big slits across their mouths, rising up into the air like demonic figures, then swoop down at me. I ran to the yellow lambo and my dad ride away from them. They stopped following us. We then rode to some marsh land. There was a teenage boy being chased very subtly by an older man on a Bike. I decided to chace after them. The older guy gave up his bike and chased after (us) on foot. When I caught the teenage guy and he shrunk down to baby size. I then ran towards the gate with the guy in pursuit. I then got to the gate and then this crow flew down and started to peck off my skin. The man saw this and helped me over the gate. I thanked him, noticed another two crows and climbed into the Lambo. Then I awoke.