Made out with Brad Simpson??

Date: 4/19/2017

By HarleyQuinn

It started off with me working at a McDonalds. the customers would seat themselves and then fill out a chart circling what they want to order and then you'd take it to the register. As i went to a table, I noticed one person that looked very familiar. It was Brad Simpson, the lead singer of The Vamps. We stared at each other for a bit, and i'm gonna assume in this dream we had a bit of history together. after i took their orders, i went to the register and submitted the sheets in, getting the food quickly. When i brought the table back their food, for some reason i forgot i was working and just sat at the table, talking to Brad. Somehow we were just laying down on a mattress(because apparently this mcdonald's has everything now), and we were just talking. Who i assume to be Brads manager, came up to us and told Brad to remember they were on a tight schedule. This suddenly gave me the idea that it'd be a great time to ask Brad for a ride home. He said he'd be able to take me to a store near my house, as if he actually went all the way it'd make him late. I agreed, and then we kept looking at each other then at each other's lips. we had a small makeout session(i thought it was weird, i was able to feel it??) and when i opened my eyes, we somehow ended up in a Walgreens. we both ran to a van that was beeping nonstop, and then i woke up.