Premonition,,, Chris, breK up!

Date: 5/19/2017

By DiiSaaan

The dream before this next one was quite bizarre with a planes and trying not to be seen by this woman on this plane runway. But I went around and to this back building with this huge car intersection, and watch for some reason! Met a rich old guy, a group of kids that pointed out there was a plane wash with prices cheaper than a car wash at nine dollars! ... then over there I was at a mall I believe where I met a white guy and his two white little girls and two black kids following them. We chatted before he handed me one girls slushee and said keep this from her, she doesn't need it anymore! Thanks me and walks inside! Shortly after the little girl comes back out and stares at me cause I have her drink, so I reason with her would she be mad if a little boy spilt a red slush on her white dress.... eve. Though her dress was pink! She says yes, giggles and I say the store would be the same and she could have it after she left! Then we walk into the store together where she runs off to people she thought she was here family turns out it wasn't, then she disappears into the store! I don't know what this means but then I just remember the next part of the dream was driving behind chris, leaving! Next part happens... Just after a weird parade through what seemed to be Chris's school! I was celebrated at the end! With not many people to greet me at the end! Just before I was with chris, we were together for the night and were heading our separate ways, I followed him loosing him but finally caught up at this building school dorm complex! It was a super long series of houses. Mesh to one with no clear separation between any. Finally we got to where he was going and I decided I should leave! heading back to my car because I thought I had school, but I forgotten I was out of school for the semester! So I was gonna go back to chris, i got to my car opened the back left door an hit Abadan parked blue and red truck! I check to make sure they're fine. I got in my car to drive back to the weirdly long building chris was in , representing our long relationship maybe! Here was this guy looked like a Girly Michael Jackson he tried to take me to a bar and get with me. I texted chris to come outside, to fight this guy and get him away from me. Then when I got to where I thought chris was the parade started and he never responded! The parade continues and I get to the end where no one is there to greet me except this one girl! I don't really know her but she's kind to me! There's a little party at the end . So I join, these people in the party and the end of the hall seem slightly familiar! Then chris comes out of nowhere through the crowd not heading towards me but in my direction! He sees me, I'm happy and call for him. He says something about sorry babe I was getting high, and I say come here! He says something along the lines of "you sexed me when I was drunk. " And walked off. I stand there confused but after a moment I shake my head upset and confused. I turn and walk after him down the hall next to his to catch him, very confused. He won't slow down for me, I call out to him and he keeps going. I call out to him once more he keeps going. Someone notices as we approached the outside doors. " it seemed to be one of Chris's line brothers, Miguel maybe" and looks confused. I call out to chris one last time and he turns around and looks at me and keeps going! I'm so confused! He was heading to his car where it seems Delfina and people he was close to were. Before he gets there he finally turns around to me and and says again, something along the lines of," you had sec with me in the car, I was drunk" then turns around and continues to his group at the car. I have no idea what he meant but I saw his high eyes, actually hurt, tears in them but red as blood, I realized he was breaking up with me. Instantly my heart crumbled in my chest! I started walking away to only hear Chris's group laugh at me and a man yell something at me, it might have been Gains, but he was a taller man... I was crushed and as I walked away I threw the finish line banner from the end of the parade angrily into the trash! I felt slow and dazed as I walked away, I felt an actual pain in my chest. Some one did try to reach out to me from behind by the doors across from Chris's friends! It seemed to be Dane who yelled out for me! "Come on you guys, really, he's hurt, Dizāon". I was having a harder and harder time breathing, I felt like I was dying! Everything around me was slowly fading to black! Then I woke up!