Gunnison kids and a cancelled game

Date: 6/24/2019

By $MrKrabzWalking

So we were stretching with the Gunnison’s team for some reason before a football game. I was right next to their quarterback in all my game gear, and their physician or whatever you call it were helping stretch out the players when he twisted my right ankle and I winced because of a former injury, I looked at him and he looked at their head coach. The coach asked if it was alright and I gave him a thumbs up. The physician said “this ones injured let me take him.” So he started messin around with my ankle a little bit and started asking me concussion questions. I was confused then he said “you might not be able to play tonight” then I was mad.he left for a bit to grab something. I said under my breath “that dude does not know wtf he’s doing, or he’s trying to get me out of the game” and the qb next to me said “what did you just say?” Then yelled out that I called him stupid. Still mad I told him to stfu and he squared up. The whole team fought. Next thing I know I’m in a classroom on Monday in my jersey for some reason. I’m sitting by some of the players who are also in their jersey. We talked about the game being rescheduled. I was really upset and sad because I felt like I was the reason our team couldn’t play. My brother took me out to a random river to try and cheer me up and be motivational but it was really dumb