She helps me escape from aliens and turns into a man.

Date: 7/31/2017

By 938Milred

I was in a preschool classroom with my classmates. We were in a circle, and we were tossing a bean-bag-ball around (I wish this was what school was like). Sometimes I was athletic enough that I caught the ball with one hand with my eyes closed. The game ended and everyone needed to go to the gym for a school gathering. But I needed to put things away in my locker first. One girl in my class came up to me and told me to give her a Christmas gift. I said yes because I'm nice. I reminded wrote down on a piece of paper to give her a gift because I knew I would forget. I was slow at writing and it seemed like everyone was out of the locker area and everyone was at the gathering. I didn't want to be alone. I tried stuffing my backpack into my locker as quickly as possible so I can catch up. Thankfully I didn't have to rush anymore because my friend Jenna still had to put stuff in her locker, too. I waited for her, and we both walked down to the gathering together. As we walked in the hallway, Jenna gave me a side hug, swiftly lifted me up with her one arm. (Never questioned how random that was) "How did you do that?!?!" I asked, amazed (Jenna isn't that strong in real life). I attempt doing the same thing to her, but realized I couldn't even lift her off of the ground. 'Wow, I'm weaker than I thought I was,' I think to myself. "You know, I haven't been conditioning a lot lately," I told Jenna. She never answered my initial question. I tried again "Have you been working out?" Either she didn't hear me, or she didn't want to say. We exited the school building and in front of us were bleachers that were half as tall as the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A teacher directed us to stand inside a cave of a building with a bunch of children since we were late. I could hear music indicating the gathering was starting. Bored, I decided to observe all of my surroundings like I always do in a new place. The sky was orange, there was a brown/orange gum-drop shaped mountain in the distance, and an airplane flying in front of it. There was no sun, grass, or large bodies of water. I felt as though I was on mars, except the ground was tan. As I was distracted by my surroundings, a loud car-crashing noise focused my wandering eyes on a large war airplane that just crash landed facing towards the wall just outside the building cave. I saw Jenna flinch beside me out of the corner of my eye. Surrounding the plane was rapid moving lightning - as of the entire plane was being electrocuted. The plane suddenly jerked into the building, and purple lightning scattered through the floor around us. Time stopped. Jenna and I were the only ones moving. "How did you do that?!?" I asked again. Maybe Jenna's not who I thought she was. As we ran through wreckage, jumped off buildings, and ran through hallways, I thought to myself 'Jenna has super-strength and can stop time. What else can she do? My life is a lie.' While running, we spotted a gate in the wall to escape from these aliens. I could hear them trying to shoot at us in the background. We sprinted down a dark narrow hallway, and I feared it would be a dead end. The hallway split into two other hallways, and Jenna and I went in two different directions. The hallway on her side actually had a window to escape out from it. But, looking out from the window, we realized that we were on a cliff as tall as a football field. We had no choice but to go down it. Once we got down, I realized that Jenna was no longer a teenage girl, but a 20 year old man. The man explained to me that he was "born in the shape of a man." But I was still confused (why did he turn into a girl? Was his brain feminine? Where is my friend? I want my friend back). I just smiled and nodded at him like I understood (I mean, this probably explains Jenna's super strength). (The man never told me his own name, so I'll just call him "the man".) At the bottom of the cliff. There was an alien ship stuck in the cliff and was trying to escape. The man wanted to make a quick vehicle out of thick bamboo and string so we could get away from the aliens before we make a bigger ship. He found two 20-foot long, very think bamboo sticks. He made a two sitting cushions out of multiple silk strings. It turned into a lame airplane that looked like a contraption from Gilligan's Island. I lied down on one end and then man lied down on the front end facing me. I felt the airplane lifted off of the ground, but only about 6 inches off the ground. The man controlled the plane with his mind while I shot at the aliens coming towards me. Once we escaped, it seemed like the adventure was over, but i didn't want it to end. I woke up.