Embarrassing work email

Date: 5/25/2017

By queenofgarlic

In my dream, I called off sick from work due to nausea (like I did in real life that same morning). "Love" also called off to play hooky. We were laying in bed playing on our phones, and I went to check my work email. There was an email from my boss, but I can't remember the subject line. In it, she said told everyone that I had called out sick due to allergies- which was incorrect, but also, the way she worded it clearly sounded like she didn't believe me. The rest of the email called out my excessive sick time at work, and she encouraged everyone to email me to say how thankful they are for me, how important it is for me to be at work, and how the company can't succeed without me. Again, this was worded in a very sarcastic, embarrassing way. The email was sent to every department in Customer Service, as well as some individuals who I didn't recognize. The only emails I received were from "Writer" and "Softball". I didn't read "Writer"'s email, but "Softball"'s just said "are you actually sick?" I remember feeling worry and embarrassment mostly for "Cancel" seeing it. I was angry as well, and vented to "Love", who I don't think said anything. I made the decision to reply to all saying that the email was humiliating and hurtful, and attach an immediate resignation letter. Then I woke up.