Margot Robbie in a Fatal Accident and Annoying Teenage Boys in my Room

Date: 5/3/2018

By HeyItsShelbyyy

I had two dreams tonight. One was about Margot Robbie dying. I remember, in the dream, I was looking though the internet and saw headlines that Margot had been in a tragic accident and died. I was understandably devastated because she’s been in quite a few movies i’ve watched and she’s a fantastic actress. I was kind of in disbelief, and so I googled her name and it unfortunately had a ‘date of death’ on her wikipedia death, so it was confirmed she died. I remember crying and just being really upset, and then suddenly waking up. In the second dream I had, it was about 3am and I was trying to sleep. All of a sudden, I open my eyes and look around my room, and there are like 10 teenage boys there, all rearranging my room, yelling, and throwing things around. I was yelling at them to get out, and screamed “GET THE FUCK OUT” at the top of my lungs, but they weren’t leaving, only laughing at me. I think I remember my friend Ané being there too for a while but I’m not sure.