The Witch

Date: 8/9/2017

By karmakaziska

and my dream it specified this is how the witch starts. . there was a body dark didn't even look human in the face floating across a bog and ending at an embankment of a lake. the witch was the body and as she was in the water she started to move rubbing her face and all sudden gaining facial features. getting out of the water she seemed surprised saying" wow how did I get through that?" she was young woman beautiful nothing as body that was floating in the water before. she climbed out of the water then a giant white and blue alien machine came down and hovered in front of her saying "we have given you life once more we will bestow you power and knowledge in return you be vessel for what you would call a witch but one Beyond you and Powers Untold." the white and blue machine transformed into what look like a giant Bionic spine and then instead of feeling like somebody looking into my dream I became the witch. and I flew into the machine tearing it apart from the inside and I left it it collapsed into a tiny panel one you could carry. two people showed up in a truck a guy and a girl asking me what happened cuz they saw something fall from the sky. the guy picked up the panel I said to leave it and it was worthless but still he took it we loaded up into the truck and I woke up.