I got abandoned at jimmy johns

Date: 4/13/2019

By jennnnnaaaa

My dream starts off as me and my friend at a soccer game and then her family comes then all our other friends come. I texted my mom to come get me because I wanted to go home but she told me that my dad was gonna pick me up. I was so confused because I don’t have a dad so I asked her what dad? Then later my sister came and got me and we where supposed to go get stuff for my friends but we ended up at jimmy johns. I went in and some how I got a sandwich without paying so I went out side with my sandwich and got some money to pay from my sister. I went back in and waited in line to pay but no one could see me it was like they where ignoring me. So when the guy that was behind me went in-front of me I lost it. I started yelling at the workers. They then proceeded to tell me that they did not see me and they where sorry. On my way out I asked for one of the girls snaps bc I thought she was cool. Then when I get outside it’s dark now and my sister was gone I looked everywhere. I was not sure what to do then this man came and he was trying to take me but the girl who gave me her snap and her brother helped me and let me stay at there house. Once I got there I told there mom thank you for letting me stay here and then she said you need to go talk to him(their dad) he told me that I had to pay to stay there I explained that I would when I got money but I don’t have any right now. Then I woke up