Date: 2/21/2017

By mysticmusic94

My friend J was talking to this guy and when they were suppose to meet up we found out that he was going to try and kill her because it was the same guy that in my dream my mom was talking to and tried to kill her. I guess we had gotten away from him the first time though. So were at walmart and and we are all trying to get through the store quick before he gets there with a gun. We get out and we all get back in our van. We start driving to hide and then we go through this park. In the woods theres people that he paid to be there. They all look like killers and know our names but we just keep going after i yelled at her to drive. We get to this house after driving around, we get out and run in. Its one of the girls houses that we are with at the time. We meet the girls babysitter and tell her whats going on. We also hand her a baby that i guess we had with us the whole time. The baby was like acting very strange on our way there and she was like frozen i guess cause she was wet and it was snowy outside. When i handed the baby to her to take care of her she turned into a baby doll. Then we all start to calm down thinking he wont find us so we start looking around the house. The babysitters name was jasmine and her room was Disney princess jasmine themed. She said she would give it to the youngest child after shes not there babysitter anymore. All of a sudden a light goes off and she goes "that means someone is coming". I immediately jump into this closet behind a bed and lock the door as everyone else goes to hide. Then i get under this jacket on the floor and hide. For some reason the words on the jacket stuck out like i kept reading it over and over again. One of the words was "thermo". I accidentally started to make a lot of noise getting in the closet so I became scared. Hangers on the floor kept moving around. Then i got under the jacket and pulled it over my face. I began to feel like I was suffocating under the jacket and then i woke up. The murderer looked JUST like the murderer from the lovely bones movie.