Pervert teacher and drag store.

Date: 5/6/2017

By dixsilence

I was in a outdoors class, we were in front of a abandoned building, writing something the reached was saying. She was talking very gibberish so I couldn't understand her so I asked my classmate and he also didn't understand. All the other people actually had no problem and they were trying to solve the math problem. It was advanced math I never saw before and everyone was doing it like no big deal. Then I saw the teacher and she was literally masturbating watching us, the. a flash back hits me. She was a manic pervert since child, she was an exhibitionist, she recorded movies on a river while dragging into other kids. I saw one time she was with another girl and meanwhile on their houses​ they put their brothers and parents inside the microwaves. You could hear their insides cooking and the fluids boiling. After that "incident" their parents where kind of broken, roasted eyes, their heads popping out, internal organs roasted, etc. Jesus. The other dream happened on a city, I was walking between stores until I reached one who was closed. There were some kids inside so I asked if they could open for me. I was watching shoes and stuff when I noticed I was on a part of the city where was full of drags, trans and crossdresser people. It was weird​ but they were very kind. Sadly at one part a girl who was a police officer got hit by a crane and almost got decapitated.