the blanket undergrowth (lucid)

Date: 12/14/2016

By figen

I am at school. The bell rings which means we have ten minutes to get to class. I start walking and for some reason there is a tabby cat walking around. It runs up and starts attacking my legs playfully. I don't really mind. The cat is really small, and starts going into my socks and shoes. I don't know who owns the cat, so I go to the office, which isn't where it normally is. I tell them that someone's cat was following me. The person at the office started to do something, but after a few seconds the owner came over. He said he was doing a size experiment with different animals. He had a huge dish and put the cat back into it. There were brine shrimp there that were about 30x their normal size. He starts explaining this but I realize I'm almost late for class. I have to cut him off and tell him that I have to go. I start hurrying to class, but I feel bad for not listening to his project. I know the class I need to get to is on the second floor, but somehow I end up on the third floor. When I realize this, I try to find the stairs. I get to them, but there are tons of chairs stacked up all around. I try to move some out of the way, but I keep accidentally knocking them down the stairs. Eventually a stack falls on me and I get sent tumbling down the stairs. But at some point on the way down I fall into a chasm, Which sends me much farther below than I intended. When I come to, I find myself in this dark cavernous area, where all the walls are made of clothes and blankets and things like that. I decide to call this place the blanket undergrowth. There are more chairs everywhere and a couch in one spot. There is also a clock, which reminds me that I have about two minutes to get to class. I feel really tired, so the first thing I do in this weird place is go take a nap on the couch. I fall asleep and have a dream about a gym or something like that. When I wake up, I'm in my underwear. I put my clothes back on and see that I am 5 minutes late for class. Then it starts to hit me that something isn't right here. After a few seconds I realize I'm dreaming. Now lucid, I notice a window that shows other students playing sports outside, which doesn't make sense, cause this place was supposed to be miles underground. There is also a door, so I go out. Immediately the other people see me and start hostilely advancing in my direction. I say something along the lines of "I don't think so!". I summon a ball of ice and throw it at someone. My enemies now start summoning their own ice and tossing it at me. I deflected one of the ice balls by punching it, and it reversed into the guy who sent it. The guy who I hit even said "Whoa, that was awesome" Then I say "Oh yeah, how do you like THIS? BLANKET POWERS, ACTIVATE!" For some reason, out of any power I could think of, I decided to try and use blanket powers. I don't know what I was thinking, maybe I was inspired by the place I was just in. But it didn't matter anyway, cause I couldn't get it to work, and the dream ended