Stabbed for Being the Wrong Person

Date: 2/18/2019

By Jadders

I was at work when a customer come up behind me and said "fuck you susanna". So I turned around and showed him my name badge and said "so sorry, think you might have the wrong person, hi I'm Jade. Can I help?" He took out a knife and stabbed me to the left of my stomach, elbowed me in the face and left. I fell down hitting my head on the shelving and the floor. I felt dazed and confused, as another customer tried to help me. I was too distressed so I got up and started walking away. The lovely customer, she went to another member of staff (Arek) and told him what had happened. Arek then followed me out the back and up the stairs into the warehouse. He could see I wasn't my normal self as I was wondering around like I had never been there before. He ran to the office, I can only assume he told my manager (kerry) what was happening as she announced on the tannoy "this is a staff announcement, can both Rob and Matt make their way to the warehouse. That's Rob and Matt". Kerry and Arek came running straight back to me. Kerry was asking me lots of questions, saying do I know who she is, where I am, what year is it, while saying my name alot. I had no idea all I knew was that I had a knife in my hand and I didnt know these people. Matt and Rob then came up, and they all started to crowd around me. I kept stepping backwards saying "I have a knife in my hand, stay back. I dont want to hurt you" but they kept getting closer. Eventually i backed into a wall but still held the knife out Arek: I've called an ambulance Kerry: okay, thank you. Rob can you go downstairs and guide them here when they arrive. Rob: sure thing. Kerry: Jade. It's okay, I can see you are not okay. You still have a knife stuck in your stomach and I think you may have hit your head. Matt: Jade, you really need to lay down, you are losing alot of blood from your head and stomach. I just felt really stressed out and confused. Kerry: Jade. Jade look at me... there you go. Can you give me the knife please Jade? Arek: you know shes not holding a knife right? Matt: shhh. Jade, pass the knife over to Kerry Kerry kept looking as me really softly with a safe smile. So I gave her the knife, she gave it to Matt and Matt placed it in the bin. Turns out they played along with my hallucination so not to stress me out any further. I began to cry and just collapsed to the floor. Matt kept the pressure on the stab wound and Kerry kept talking to me. I began to feel paranoid and could see lots of butterflies flying around. Rob came back with the paramedics, they asked for everyone to move out of the way. I kept waving my arms around as the butterflies kept getting close to my face, and I'm not a big fan of any sort of bugs. The paramedics keep asking me to stay still while they attached monitors to me. However I kept taking them off, I thought that all the information they get from it would go to the government so they could control me, and I really didnt want that, so I put up a fight. Long story short they had to restrain me to the stretcher as they couldn't sedated me because of the serious head injury I had. Next thing I know is that I'm in the back of an ambulance with all sorts of bleeping from machines. They place an oxygen mask over my face and I just slowly close my eyes. I then woke up for real in bed.