Office supplies and chapstick

Date: 6/20/2017

By Purple

In my dream, I was in an office (no place recognizable from the waking world). Some supplies were coming in sporadically. The messenger gave me everything as if they were coming off a shopping cart and not a delivery truck. There were more personal items than office items. I remember thinking the boss would not be too convinced about chapstick as an acceptable office supply needed and tried to figure out a way to have him pay for it. Suddenly I realized we could use the Dymo label maker and type the company logo that could be stuck onto the chapstick's outer tube. The first try wasn't a success, and I knew I had to change settings from 1 line to 2 lines on the label, which was already perforated, and that would make it easier to place on the tube as well. The second part of the office delivery was being dropped off in the same manner: not as a shipment, but from a shopping cart. I felt all eyes on me as this was happening outside in the hallway, which seemed as crowded and busy as a public transit hub, and not in the office.