Disappointed cause I had cold pizza and forgot what I needed to buy

Date: 3/20/2019

By levinelover

I was at a place with a shoppers, dollerama and the pharmacy on Bathurst and Sheppard, and a pizza place with sandy and we were also with Tim. I knew I had a list in my head of stuff I needed to buy from dollerama and I couldn’t remember what it was, for some reason I was remembering I needed red cough drops or halls but I needed lots of other stuff. I also needed to finally purchase my acne topical cream, and a medium pizza that was only 5 dollars cause of a deal that pizza place had. Tim was getting his pizza already so sandy wanted to and I did also, I didn’t wanna leave our table alone so I told sandy what type of pizza I wanted and gave her my money to go buy it for me as I sat alone trying to remember the list of stuff I needed to buy from all the places while I was there and I couldn’t remember, and also when sandy brought me the pizza it was a tiny little two square slices together, with one piece of pineapple stick to the side not what I wanted, I went off to the washroom cause I had to pee and I tried to be quick so the pizza would still be hot when I got back but I knew it would be cold. So many disappointments.