Date: 7/7/2019

By katiejodreams

Eating noodles onthe wayto get noodles with mom. we go into a store with alot of interesting books. mom gives me some kind of test with sand, crystals, and a fake yellow shake that that bites me and I can feel it on my hand. Mom says its because I was afraid and I didnt pass the test. I look at more books and then mom has more shakes on a metal stand. I am scared and the are waved in my face. A poisonous black salamander jumps on my chest and salivertes on me. A therapist comes out of another room with her patient. she is middle aged with frizzy hair and glasses. one of those beaded glasses Chains. Her patient is a sad looking man, a little older than her. She is mad We are there and tells us to leave. I say loudly that she is rude andthat we would have bought something. She shrugs. The patient says She Is infact rule. We all assess that she is an unhappy person. she cries and hugs us. A multiracial couple come in who we assume are her next patients so We walk outside to our car and say goodbye to the male patient, and comment on how nice he was. The couple come out with a book on tantric sex and I am upset they were able to buy something so easily when we had such a hard time. We are trying to leave but the couple is somehow blocking us in. Our car is s+uck in their car and he has to open his doors and squeeze us out. I am at an asian market somewhere and me and somebody I am with are ordering food. there are Kebabs with sashimi and sushi rolls that are grilled and deep fried. I get tired of waiting and go look at the tea pots. I am looking at abig Clay pot with foxes painted on it. An asian-american teenager is looking at a smaller version and We laugh atthe fact we are looking at the same thing. I look inside the pot and there are tea leaves in the water and a small live fox bathing in the water. I thought it was gross and put down the tea pot. some guy I knew was like "lets go" and we left the market. We walked down a subway hallway where there were digital toggles on thefloor that beamed up as you walked over them. the guy bought a new outfit- a windbreaker and a messenger bag. He wore the windbreaker half off and walked down the hall calling for me to follow him.