Moving School

Date: 3/30/2017

By Catgoeskek

Dreamt that me and kizzie were moving house (staying in the town i'm in) so we had to move school for a few days to somewhere really far away outside of the country (then move back) and there were only 2 schools we could move to but we didn't know anything about either of them. We moved to one and the classroom was just like my school but for some reason other people we knew and jake were there. Rianna was behind us and told us to be quiet or smth and she had a straw. Me and kizzie were then at his house talking about memes and she did hand movements to the shooting star meme and I laughed but I was a different person with short dark brown slightly ginger curly hair and I was a boy then kizzie leaned towards me to get something behind me and I leaned back really far to avoid her. Then I was walking out of a shop and I saw seri standing there, saying hi and hugging her fans. The scene reset and it was the same except she looked a lot older. This happened a few times and she kept aging until she was about 70. Then all I remember from somewhere else in the dream was someone saying "Meatball jelly"