Forced to read holy book

Date: 9/25/2019

By IndridCold

I was in this room that was like a mix between a church and a train station. I was with a group of people and this old man with Don King hair walked up to us and started talking. He was talking fast and acting sketchy like a scam artist kinda. One of us said we were celebrating some religious holiday and that we didn’t want to be bothered, which was a lie, we just wanted to be left alone. He walked away out of our view, but moments later he stood up and two others were on either side of him. They looked directly at the person who told him to go away and I realized that they had some kind of supernatural powers and the vibe was suddenly scary. They kind of mind controlled everyone and told them to open this holy book and read out loud from page 452 (I think), and anyone who didn’t “would have the skin of their eyes peeled off like leather”. I knew that this book reading ritual was directed at me for some reason, and I was the only person without a book so I asked if I needed a book also. Everyone started reading and he was irritated that I didn’t have a book and found one for me. That’s when I realized that the skin of the eyes thing was just a threat to scare us into obedience and wasn’t really going to happen. Then I was with this same group of people but we were on the second floor in this sort of loft. Someone in our group said “why do the people we send away keep coming back with guns?” I saw a guy outside through this big window, he was down on the ground and had just stepped through some kind of portal, and he had a machine gun of some sort. Someone asked if that was a special gun, I knew that it was and said “yes it is”. He started firing it at us and I moved quickly away from the window. It was going through the windows and walls like they were paper. I actually ducked out of the back of the house, and when I looked back in I could see the edge of one of my friends, he was crouched on the ground like he was holding someone who was shot, but it was out of my view. I had this realization that I had to go face this armed guy. I planned to go out back and around the house and sneak up on him.