Date: 5/18/2017


Was on my way to see Grandma in the car with my father, brother and for some reason a foreign exchange. On the way there Dad had asked if I had brought the book my grandma's friend wanted to read, I had obviously forgotten but my brother managed to have bought a copy of the book knowing I'd forget. before we visited grandma we went to the zoo, I assume to show the foreign exchange student some nice places to go, I can only remember the crocodile exhibit though and there being no crocodiles, which was a disappointment. We then arrived at my grandma's care home, my brother presented the book to her friend only to find out that he had got the wrong author but the same title, his face became a tomato red from blushing and he was incredibly embarrassed. My Grandma's friend then told me to get her a Narnia book titled: "The Big Blue Knight", which I'm more than positive isn't real. we left the room and suddenly my brother and dad dashed off whilst out of the blue Darude-Sandstorm was playing, my foreign exchange only just asked my name at this point and proceeded to run after them too. I walked into the room they ran in and it resembled my Auntie's house, my dad was underneath a chair whilst my brother and the foreign exchange were having a scuffle.