Digital art, Dall-e, generate an image of a woman's silhouette in the clouds, with cartoon characters from The Simpsons, a small town, a church with yellow lights on, and a grave with a brand name of candy written in the dirt, as shown in a dream had by someone in a pink, white, and light blue office with pictures of every detail, including a cartoon character of a little girl and her classmates, and a scene from a real-life birth that included a large egg hatching to reveal a baby boy with teeth and hair and two more unhatched eggs, who the dreamer was allowed to cuddle and bond with.

Hundreds of cloud images

Date: 1/16/2023

By Purple

In my dream, I saw an image in the sky that was clearly the silhouette of a woman. I rushed to get my phone to take a photo, as I knew the image would shift soon. When I took the photo, the image did shift, but the silhouette was still there. Then I noticed other images, including cartoon characters from The Simpsons. One was a Homer, laying down, pregnant with three moving bumps, indicating he was pregnant with triplets. Then I shifted my eyes in the same image and it became Bart, laying down, with three moving bumps indicating a bad tummy ache. I showed the photo to someone who showed me below the woman’s silhouette was a small town and a church with lights on, which appeared yellow. There was a grave outside and a word written in the dirt. The word was some brand name of a candy. I was in a woman’s office who printed every detail of the scene and plastered her office walls with individual details. I was amazed at how quickly she managed to do this. The images were pink, white and light blue. She showed me images and told me what each one of them meant. I was really impressed. I really wanted to show this photo to as many people as possible. Some of them could see what I was seeing and others saw different images as well. It’s like the possibilities were endless. I could also see a small town. There was a cartoon character of a little girl. She looked like maybe a classmate of one of the kids from The Simpsons. Then there were other kids who also looked like kids from that cartoon. It seemed the cartoon characters were all around in my dream. Scene changed. Sue gave birth, and the first one to come out was a large egg. I saw the woman doctor lift it, pretending it was heavier than it actually was, indicating it was a large baby. She knocked on the shell as if it was a hard boiled egg and then cracked the rest of the egg to reveal the baby. It was a large baby boy with hair and teeth in his mouth! He had two front teeth on the top and two on the bottom already. He had a diaper on and we didn’t know his gender at first, until the diaper shifted to show it was a boy. I was allowed to pick him up and it was amazing to cuddle my nephew right after being born. I felt that was to form a tight bond as he got older. I was witnessing a birth in real life and was fascinated. Sue had two more eggs to push out but the doctor told her it was okay to rest for a bit. I was impatient. Some time must have passed, because when I returned to the room, the two eggs were already pushed out, but haven’t been hatched yet. I remember being glad the first one was a boy, because I had won the bet. (In real life, my sister in law, if she becomes pregnant again, I guessed it would be a boy.) I decided to guess the other two, in order, would be a girl then a boy.