Survival Horror

Date: 4/2/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

I was in those gigantic and creepy parking lots again. It was like a third person game again. I had some tools and objects that I could use like strange matches that I would light and they would last a few seconds before generating a tiny explosion. I wasted a couple of them. I was with a group of people and there was this fat guy. At a certain point I was alone with him and asked a few questions about a strange recording, taking notes as he explained. I asked him if he had listened to that and he said yes. I asked him something else before that but I can't remember. I know the recording included the sound of a chainsaw. Then I asked him something and he answered "I don't... I don't know!" and then he had a panic attack. Something else happened but I don't remember what. I remember I switched body with another character, a girl in her twenties. I was approaching a dark part of the basement and I started using those strange lighter-thingies. I don't remember any further.