CHEATER CHEATER pumpkin eater!!😏😍🙃😖

Date: 7/4/2019

By Rev2024

I went to this ricchhhh neighborhood that is actually right next to my own, I call it the “Anna Ballis” neighborhood. There was a family(not a real one) and apparently we had known each other for our whole lives aka we were family friends. The really good looking rich husband came in and kissed me. It felt really nice but I rejected it. Later he tried again.Reject. Again. Reject. Again. It felt so good I gave in. We made out and for some reason we went into the shower together. I gotta tell u he be looking FINEEEEEE, and it was a really romantic shower. But then the wife walked in and saw us through the glass. She didn’t know it was me. It seemed like she wasn’t mad at all(at him) but then she caught me sneaking out in the halls and she was FURIOUSSSSS!!!!! Then I was kicked out of the house. I wasn’t worried because I had this rock hard feeling that he would be back.