Celebrity fair (really good dream)

Date: 3/28/2021

By Lottie

I was at the Paris fair doing rounds with my friend, going on rides and such, when I met a manager man who took me back behind the fair behind some bleachers and behind a guarded entrance and into a celebrity section, Anya Taylor-Joy was there and I sat down with her. Turns out there was a party/convention/fair going on behind the Paris fair, people were waiting for it to begin (it began the next day). It was going to last a few days, and it was made for celebrities. I was going to get my own hotel room, that man had decided he wanted me to join the party. I quickly ran out and grabbed my things and ran back in to the party area again, I started talking to Anya, we hit it off, she decided she liked me enough to be my friend. When I woke up the next day I slipped into a little black two piece ‘dress’ - I’d never worn anything like that so I asked Anya if it looked good and she reassured me I look wonderful and that I’ll fit in with all the celebrities looking like that. We sat together at her table for a while until I left to go see more celebrities and wander, I saw Jontron, and Scarlett Johansson, The Game Grumps boys, some famous movie directors, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, the cast and creator of Gravity Falls and of Phineas and Ferb, Bella Thorne and Maddison Brown, and a bunch of other celebrities. These celebrities were relaxed and letting their hair down, hanging out with friends. It was a mixed bag of different types of celebrities, youtubers, singers, actors, models, all in the same relaxed space. As I passed the gate, I saw my friend Jake buying his way into the party (he must’ve paid tens of thousands or more), I waved him hello as I was running upstairs to get some lip gloss. I started wandering more and came across a wide open space that looked like a city’s city hall, people were chatting, looking comfortable, someone was setting up for maybe a concert from some singers who were coming, it looked pleasant, I knew I’d come back and watch the concert, whoever might be playing. Eventually I dawdled back to Anya’s table and sat with her and chatted again, she was lovely. When I got up again I saw Jake wandering, I went up and said hello, he said hi back, but looked busy, so I left him alone. I dawdled around some more, meeting celebrities, charming them, taking photos with them, etc. Until I was talking to someone while standing in line for bubble tea, and Anya came up to me, wanting to chat. I guess she saw me in line and wanted to come say hi and ask how I was doing. We started chatting and she bought me a bubble tea and I told her I’d pay next time, but she brushed that off saying it was no big deal. We walked around talking and talking photos with celebrities as a duo for a little bit, until that manager man who invited me came up to me and started talking. He invited me to the concert that I already knew I was going to, so I said of course I’d go. He started smiling about how well he picked me out, he told me I fit in so well here and put everyone at ease, then he grabbed my hand and twirled me around and said “and you look absolutely stunning in that dress!” and Anya laughed and said “see, I told you!” and the man let us run off again.