What even is this?

Date: 8/26/2017

By Dreamgirl99

I was walking around a large building, searching for a restroom. I had a very strong urge to urinate. I remember not being able to find one, and I had to use a bowl. Other women had to use it too and one of them made a remark about the smell of my urine. I started swearing and yelling at her, I might have even hit her. I was once again wondering around the large building when I heard barking and saw my dog start pulling on his leash that a stranger was holding. I remember saying his name as the stranger handed me the leash without saying a word. I make my way up to the highest level of the building. I remember it was way up in the sky and I was frightened. I still have my dog with me as I approach a couple of people to ask for directions somewhere. They start to lecture me on my clothing and tell me I cannot be here dressed this way. I argue that I am dressed just fine and I just need to get to where I asked. They continue to lecture me until I make my way onto the roof of the building. I remember seeing clouds and having the wind rush at my face. I think there might have been rain. I wake up and find myself scared for no reason. As I sit and think about the dream I realize I was in a huge multistory school/store that had a doggy daycare. The dream left me feeling a combination of anxiety and confusion.