Idris Gives Advice

Date: 2/21/2019

By itsliz

From what little I remember of this dream, I had looked on the internet for some jackets for my mom. They had a few that were similar to my dark blue one. It said we had to go to the store to see what was available. I went to the store and immediately upon turning, there was the discount rack with the jackets. I started looking through but someone snatched my phone out if my hand as soon as I took it out to message my mom what she wanted. Guy flew by and yoinked it out of my hand and went running! I went outside for help and found someone sorta looking like Idris Elba inside a very large truck you'd see being used in the military. I hop I'm and explain about by stolen phone and he said to call the company immediately to disable and that I had to disable my pictures. So I hop out and think to myself, "How do I do that if I have no phone?" I spend another few moments panicking before I wake up.