Battle for Bikini Bottom: Dream Edition

Date: 6/25/2019

By TheMeaningOfRecit

This dream started out with an alternate version of Battle for Bikini Bottom for the Playstation 2. It started with the PS2 logo. Then the game skipped to Goo Lagoon. The level started in a nonexistent level, in a beginning of a path with sand walls. It goes straight, then there's a left then right curve, then it goes straight again. There are two ham robots here, one at each curve. There was also a tiny body of water at the right wall in the first curve. Above it was a small ledge with a purple shiny object on it. Spongebob didn't try to get it though, but instead made his way to the end of the path. Here, there is a big area with a giant hole in the middle. A sand statue of the head, body, and arms of a dinosaur was sticking out of the left side of the hole, so that there is room in the right. It was facing to the left, and behind it was a sand squarish floating platform. There was a floating krabby patty on the platform. It looked like you could collect it. Around the hole, there were fodders everywhere. Spongebob went around the statue on the left, while fighting off robots. On the other side, there was another path. This path went the same directions as the last one, except the curves were the opposite directions. When Spongebob went in, there was a big green worm at the beginning of the first curve. Spongebob had to hit it 3 times before killing it. Each time he would hit it, the worm would raise its head and back down. When it died, it just disappeared. Spongebob followed the path. At the end, there was a blue cannon from Plankton's Robotic Revenge. He exploded it in one hit. Also at the end, there was a castle wall in front of him with a blue shiny object on one of the falling platforms from the original Goo Lagoon level. Spongebob actually got this one. When he got on the platform, it looked smaller, more squarish, and on the top was a yellow donut shape with tiny letters that you can't read in the yellow part. Also, when it fell, it instantly moved quicker than the original. When it was done, it stayed on the wall forever, but it made the same sound. When he got the shiny object, it only disappeared and nothing else. It didn't have any sound. After collecting the object, Spongebob jumped over the castle wall. On the other side was the castle part of the original level, but it was different. It was completely empty at the bottom. Everything that used to be around the castle in the original was gone. The ledges on the wall was still there, and the falling platforms was replaced by the new one. When Spongebob jumped, he landed in an area with two falling platforms between two ledges. Spongebob landed on one of the falling ones, then he jumped on the other one on the left, then jumped over the castle wall again. After this, he landed somewhere different. Now there was a closed castle door, and Buford from Phineas and Ferb was standing in front of it. He was still in his cartoon style, but was only two dimensional. On the right, there was sand stairs that led to the blue object from before. When Spongebob landed, Buford said, "Sorry, you can't go through without the key!" He wasn't moving the whole time. Right when he stopped talking, Spongebob walked back to the blue object area. The platform was still down, but this time, it didn't have the yellow on it. The path that led there was gone. Instead, it led to Buford. He followed the path back to the dinosaur statue. He went around the same side to the purple shiny object, and then he collected it just like the blue one. Then he came back to the dinosaur to the opposite side again. Then he climbed it from that side. Spongebob made a climbing animation that wasn't in the original game as he went up. When he was on the dinosaur head. Spongebob jumped very far all the way to the first side on an invisible floating platform. From here you could see what was over the sand walls, which was sand ground that went forever. There was a bungee hook beside the invisible platform. When Spongebob touched the hook, instead of using it correctly, he got sent to the krabby patty from above. Something changed, though. This time, there was a blue key floating beside the krabby patty at the side away from the dinosaur. It was floating above nothing. When Spongebob landed, he collected the krabby patty just like the two objects. Then Spongebob jumped to the key and collected that the same too. After collecting the key, he landed on an invisible trampoline and bounced to the beginning of the second path. After that, the entire dream cut to a different scene. It was the playground of my middle school. I know, it’s strange to have a playground at a middle school. I don’t even know why it’s there. My guess is that it’s just a community playground. Anyways, it was all the same except that there was a new area between the curly slide and the other thing (I wrote this down 2 years ago, and I forgot what the other thing was). In the middle of the area was a big blue dome. I was on top of the dome with two other boys, which I can't remember what they look like. We was watching the rest of the Spongebob scene on a portable Phillips DVD player that I owned. Spongebob walked down the second path. Then the scene switched in front of us. That's when two adults came up from each side. I don't remember exactly what they looked like, but one was a white bald man, and the other was a black lady with curly long hair. The white was on the left and black on the right. When they showed up, the view was first person, and we all ran to the bottom of the playground, and they were chasing us. At the bottom, I said, "This is a fight to keep Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom alive!" Then everyone disappeared, and the playground had police tape around the outline of it. It was also blocking the entrances. It was also night time now. I ran up to the dome, ripping through the police tape. The DVD player had a white screen and was still on top of the dome. I climbed, got it, and stood and held it up. The two adults appeared and had a surprised look, with their mouths open. They wasn't moving at all. Their skin color also switched. Then I jumped down to the ground and landed on my feet, still holding the DVD player. The adults was looking at me with normal expressions from the sphere. The police tape also reappeared where it was. That is how the dream ends.