another sleep paralysis

Date: 6/25/2017

By Kazmunnikill

I had another sleep paralysis dream last night. It happened in that same weird place where I can't fully understand the concept of it but it makes me feel weird. And scared but somehow not in a bad way. Then I feel the sleep paralysis happen. This time I actually have some time to react before I go completely paralysed. I'm able to lift my head slightly to try and stop it but I can feel my body go stiff under the covers. I'm trying so hard to move my body but it's just impossible. While this is happening although 1/2 of my brain is conscious of my mind and the feeling of my paralysed body the other half I still experiencing the dream. I can't tell if anything in particular is happening in it but it's still in that weird scary place. Somehow this time I'm able to move just my fingers and elbows so my first instinct is to reach up to the light on my bedside table. And I'm trying to find the switch and it's hard because I can't open my eyes. And then finally I flick it on with my fingers and I feel my body become more relaxed and I can finally move. Even though it's a scary experience after it happens I realise that it's low key fun tbh