Date: 6/17/2017

By jazzyfaae

i always have 2 dreams or more in the same day my dream was i was in the house 2 houses away from my old house in the east ..and it looked like a field trip or something it was raining people were running outside and i knew all of em my boyfriend was there and my friends and his friends we all were watching movies and stuff and playing music and i was talkin w my friend and i was laughing and this little girl came up to me and she was mentally ill? but i didnt care i huged her and asked her if she wanted me to take. her a shower since she was dirty . i seen my boyfriend and he was otp wit somebody and walked away and was like by the door and i could see him he was otp still ( i think its cause i dnt trust him cause hes really cute and alotta girls wanna be wit him ) but hes mine .. and i usually jump into conclusions when hes faith full and anyway i went to my room to lay down and i was like ... no ima go get my bf and chill w him i went to get him and the lady was like no he cant go in your room and she gave us a time to go to sleep and stuff i felt distant like..if it just wasent there... and i don't wanna admit it.. i dont know i love him i do but idk what to do.. feedback??????