Weird Dream

Date: 8/8/2019

By coll23

We were at home. My dad was not there but my grandmother and mother were. We were peaceful and doing family things. Suddenly, my dad appears and my parents alert me that there are vans outside. They tell me they need to escape. My dad begins running and my mom is probably running off but my field of vision in the dream doesn't catch her. I see an officer catch my dad and take him away. I have somewhat of a vision of what they do to the people they take. They kill them. I go to school crying. I line up with my classmates and walk in a line but somehow the line disappears and I'm walking by myself. I look for the counselor's office and say hi to two teachers along the way and accidentally bump to one. Mr. S, Mr. A, and Mr. J. I reach the counselor's office and talk to them. They tell me about another girl who had a similar experience. I forgot her name, but it sounded like Jessica. I then turn to my male counselor and tell him " By the way, my father is dead and I don't know where my sister is at." I was contemplating on whether to ask him how to deal with grief, but I just didn't. I then tell my counselor "They killed them because they were Christian and brown" in an angry voice. I'm sure there might have been more but this is the point at which I don't remember anymore. Note: There were two counselors and I remember feeling upset because I had a feeling they were coming for my grandmother as well. Beginning of dream: We were calmly at home. I was constantly going up and down the stairs because we had a ping pong table outside but I was going downstairs to the basement to play with it. I kept asking my sister if she wanted to play but she said no. When the people came, my dad tried to escape but ran right at them. However, my mom hadn't run yet. I directed her in the opposite direction from where the officers were standing. After that, I didn't see her. And my sister and dogs apparently vanished. My dogs weren't in the dream.