Coming Down

Date: 5/16/2017

By Fitful

It was this icy frozen tundra, white and crisp and glassy and silent. We lived away from society, in a remote area of the world where it was cold, very cold, and much removed. It was the charm which drew us here, it was charming this area of the world, quaint even. We felt more connected here. I don't know if I was this couple or if I was another person often with them, sometimes it felt I was them, or one of them, and sometimes I actually interacted with them. But it started when we woke in the middle of the night. My husband/her husband woke to tell me their daughter was missing. My Nana had come and taken her away. Why he didn't stop her I don't know, either he was too intimidated or wasn't in the room when she did. But he knew the details. He urged his wife to, who I was for most of this scene, to get dressed. We had to go after her. She took all our daughters things, and we concluded it meant she was going to keep her. I, as his wife, hunted through the linen for a clean shirt and to search for something of our daughter's left behind. There wasn't even a single shirt, all I found were perfectly folded and pressed sheets. It was a sign Nana had been here, the presentation of perfect homemaking was important to her stuffy self I, as his wife, stopped just before we were out the door realizing I needed shoes not slippers and a bra, not just a winter hat. I paused a minute in the bathroom and got dressed properly. Then we were off. I knew we had to go somewhere warmer, it was the warmer climate in which we would find her. I think there was a time we waded through water, a raging icy River, getting separated. Finally at this town, in a warmer part of the same general area we lived in, I was the husband and went into a building, it was like an entertaining area, or perhaps a restaurant not yet open. It was the middle of the day. They were painting for that evening. I was in such a hurry when I sped by them I knocked over several buckets of paint all in a row, which spilled over the painters all in a row. Each one was a superhero, complete in costume, although they might all have been batman. I just know they were covered in paint, like the chakra system, each one taking a color in order. The farthest one on the right was red, and it went in order from there. They were a bit pissed at me for my part in it. They came after me and tried to dump a bucket of vomit on me it tilted a lot and got quite near me, but never spilled on me. I had a flash of that night, and what it was going to look like, like a it if time travel. They did manage a glorious show, the sculptures and painting they did wasn't only brilliant in the light, when they turned the light off the paint glowed in the dark. Leaving I found my wife laying on a picknick blanket out on the grass just across the street. I joined her and she was happy to see me, taking interest in my pants and butt. Toward she end of the scene she asked why I smelled like dog shit. I pretended not to know a thing about it but she didn't buy that. She was used to me smelling like dog shit in my pants. Later we're at the mall, and I'm either myself or the wife. I'm female and I have a couple black girl friends with me, I'm irritated at them for acting as if they're ignorant. I think and decide I want to marry a black girl but she can't act like she's ignorant. She must know she's god, stop refuting all that power. After all god is a black woman. But they disappear, and I'm with the husband and wife again and their/our daughter. We run into the Olsen twins, who are small children, and their mother. Self consciously the wife begins going on to the Olsen twins mother about how people always say her daughter looks like an Olsen twin. I don't think the daughter looks like one at all and privately roll my eyes. The Olsen family is weird silent and just sits in these recliners saying nothing, watching us. I leave my black purse on a recliner and pull the wife away, telling her right need to use the restroom. She comes with me asking the Olsen mother to watch our bags. I don't know why but her husband and child are suddenly disappeared, as if they were never there. In the restroom I and the wife find myself unnerved, the people in it aren't exactly savory characters. I feel it's different from when I was here last. I remember being here before and it being a very nice restroom. We only stay a minute before we're too freaked out and leave. As I was waking up, much later after the dreams had ended, I heard "He was opening new doors in her mind."