Enter the matrix

Date: 4/18/2017

By Alechku

I'm at the computer decoding my subconscious. I run a dream program. -we are at the airport (my wife and I) we are in a hurry and the flight attendant at the check in is rude and sarcastic, she treats my wife like a mental patient and I lose it ,I overreact , her boss shows me my error we hi five and I accidentally tear the ticket, we are delayed . "Is this really happening?" -running program error, continue with a new one. - I'm meditating, I know how to heal! " connect to yourself through forgiveness, acceptance and love. Loosen your body and let yourself heal through the memories of your perfect self, feel the energy flow and be healthy " -program breakthrough, continue decoding subconscious. -I'm in my bad having trouble with my dream journal, my wife sits down and explains to me step by step how to do it "thank you but I know all this" -program error , running back door access , game over.